Tuesday, February 25, 2020

EPortfolio Written Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

EPortfolio Written Assignment - Essay Example In the recent years, technicians have used the portfolio for purpose of recertification. The portfolio contains a learning plan that presents the academic achievements and level in a nurse’s career. The learning plans helps a nurse evaluate his or her skills in the nursing profession by gagging the goals achieved in the education process. The second phase in writing a portfolio helps the nurse to set achievable future targets. The portfolio has validated information on the level of competency in a nurse career thus can used to create job promotions. Most nurses use their portfolios to enquire for job promotions and salary increment in their area of expertise. The portfolio is a career ladder that helps nurses to plan for their future in the impending years. In this case, nurses use this concept to market their skills in medical service provision. It allows nurses to have control over their profession. It allows them to interact with potential employers and illustrates ways in which they can meet the demands of nursing positions if offered a chance to practice at a specified professional level(American Nurses Association, 2008). The portfolio is a key to career transition. Nurses can practice advanced professional nursing after gagging their performance at lower levels. Nursing is a medical field of practices that is gagged according to the level of education. Nurses are allowed or disallowed to perform various practices in a medical institution depending on their education performance in the school of nursing. For instance the RPNs may work in a various section in the nursing career but cannot handle complex cases due to the number of years spent in the school of nursing school. In this case, they have only attained diploma in nursing. The RNs nurses are can care of patients in complex situations as they have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The portfolio can be used to apply for a chance to pursue further education

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