Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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The Next Episode Would you like to play a game? The infamous words muttered by the WOPPER computer in the movie War Games. In this movie an amuter hacker looking for some cool games nearly sets off a nuclear war by just some simple manuevers. Although just a movie it put light on the easiness of one person to start an all out nuclear war. This movie was made in the 80’s when we didn’t rest on the power of computers to control a system and still we almost had an all out nuclear war. Now we reali on computers making us twice as vulnerable. With that in mind I feel that it is my responsibility to affirm the resolution that the possession nuclear weapons is immoral. For clarification of this round I offer the following definitions Black’s Law, 5th Edition. Possession: The detention and control of anything which may be subject of property, for one’s use and enjoyment. Nuclear: anything with radioactive materials. Weapons Something used to destroy someone or something. From the Lexicon-Webster dictionary Immoral: not conforming to accepted patterns of what is considered right and wrong behavior in a culture Nuclear weapons are a strange weapon they are one of the feew weapons that can kill long after the initial blast. The radiation emited from this blast would infect all the surrounding nations thus causing a global catastrophy. That is why I would like to adopt the value of Global Security. Along with this value I will use the criterion of Safty because Safty is the only way to obtain global security. Contention One: Nucs have no target only death. The sole purpose for nuclear weapons is to kill large amounts of people very quickly without the threat of losing men. Let me repeat to kill with out being killed. This sounds like a great strategy except it is no strategy at all. If you have a thousand nucs you are not going to target them at military bases no, you are going to inflict the most damage and that is the civilian population. People innocent of any crime put to death by a faceless weapon. Subpoint A: Nuclear war is inevitable. The only reason to create a new weapon is to use it not to have just sit around and collect dust. History has shown the minute a new weapon is invented people are standing line to use it and show its effectiveness. The bombs we dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki were only one weapon now we have unused missles and bombers that are unused wasting money.

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