Thursday, November 28, 2019

Tips for New College Users

Welcome to , College Students! As you transition from high school student to college student in real life, you should do the same on . Here are our tips on what to include, how to increase profile views, and get more commission with your College Profile! 1. Create/Convert Your Account. Hope youve found helpful during your high school years and through the application process. Since you already have an account, you do not have to make another account to create your profile. Convert your account here.If youve never had an account before, welcome! Were excited to have you join our community of students helping students through the application process. 2. Create/Update Your username. College applications can contain a lot of personal and intimate information about an individual. We highly encourage users to create usernames that don’t include full names to protect your privacy. If you already have an account, you can change your username under Account Settings. 3. Upload a profile picture. Use a photo that represents you. It doesn’t have to be a headshot. It can be a photo of you in the distance or you with a group of friends! Including a photo helps high school users connect with your profile and know there’s a real person behind a web page. 4. Have your student ID handy. We have to verify that you’re a student accepted at the school you say you’re attending. Make sure you have on hand a copy of your student ID, enrollment receipt, or transcript. Simply snap and upload a photo of your verification document. Don’t worry - once your profile is verified, we remove this from our database for security reasons. 5. Download your Common App PDF. Save yourself some time! If you still have your Common App account, log in and download the PDF version of your Common App. Instead of filling out each individual page, all you have to do is upload the PDF and we autofill your profile for you! Then, all thats left for you to do is to choose the advice questions you want to answer. 6. Gather all your application materials (essays, SAT scores, transcripts). If you applied to a non-Common App school, gather all your application materials so you can get through the profile entry process in one go. You should grab your personal statement, supplemental essays, SAT scores, high school transcripts, and extracurricular and work resumes. 7. Respond to advice prompts. Finally, share some lessons youve learned through your college application journey. What would you change about the process? How did you formulate your college list? Did you go on any college tours? On top of that, answer a few school-specific questions to help future applicants learn more about your school! How would you describe a typical student at your school? What do you love about your campus? Once you’ve verified your profile, uploaded a full essay, and responded to 5 advice prompts, you’ll be ready to go! With that done, get into back-to-school mode and wait for the views to roll in and your earnings to start piling up.

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